I Can't Not Blink

  1. You work hard making independent films for fourteen years and you get voted “best breasts”.
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  2. jellybeing:


    wait a freaking second

    who is jensen ackles

    i thought jensen ackles was that fish from spongebob 

    this guy


    i thought…this entire time… you guys have been talking about this fish…..

    i dont even know why i just heard the name jensen ackles and assumed that was this guys name

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  3. shaverockandroll:

    Maybe inside the briefcase is the lyric booklet for folie a deux

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  4. starllex:


    Me: *breathes*

    Tumblr: I take offense to that


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  5. Nevermind guys I’m back this other blog shit sucks

  6. bowlingalleyplaylist:

    (via University of Wisconsin-Madison Cruelty | PETA.org)


    For decades, countless cats have been imprisoned, cut into, and killed in cruel and useless “sound localization” experiments at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW).

    According to records obtained by PETA, Double Trouble was subjected to invasive surgeries on her ears, skull, and brain. In the first operation, a stainless steel post was screwed to her skull so that her head could be immobilized during experiments. In the next surgery—which is depicted in the photographs—experimenters cut into her head and skull and then applied a toxic substance to her inner ears in order to deafen her. Experimenters also implanted electrical devices deep inside both of her ears during this surgery. 

    Following the surgeries, Double Trouble was subjected to experimental sessions in which her head was bolted in place and she was restrained in a nylon bag and forced to listen to sounds coming from different directions. Double Trouble was deprived of food for several days before these sessions in order to coerce her into cooperating in exchange for a morsel of food.

    Double Trouble’s health rapidly deteriorated. Records say that she was observed twitching, which the clinical notes indicate was a “neurological sign.” Her face became partially paralyzed and the head wound that experimenters created during surgery also never healed. More than three months after her last surgery, the records describe her wound as “open, moist w/bloody purulent discharge, [with] moderate swelling.”

    An antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection resulted from Double Trouble’s wound, but experimenters still forced her to endure almost two months of this misery. One of the last entries in Double Trouble’s records states that she “appear[ed] … depressed.” In the end, experimenters noted that she was too ill to continue and that the device they had implanted did not work, so she was killed and decapitated so that her brain could be dissected. A former UW-Madison veterinarian who oversaw the treatment of Double Trouble and other cats used in this laboratory recently issued a letter confirming this abuse, stating that many of the cats “suffered unnecessarily.”

    Experimenters justified the use of 30 CATS PER YEAR not by saying that the experiments would lead to improvements in human health but rather by stating that they needed to “keep up a productive publication record that ensures our constant funding.”

    Holy shit

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    Hey all. I’ve decided to do something evil.

    I’m leaving this blog.

    Sorry, but I’m starting over. With a new Tumblr.

    No worries though. This new account will basically be the same shit (bands I love and whovian stuff) only I think I’ll have two blogs on the new account so that I can separate my whovian and band love.

    There’s also a lot of shit going on in my life right now that I’d prefer none of the people I know see. So, in order to do that I’m leaving. 

    If you guys want my new url send me a message through my ask box asking for it. Just say “Hey, what’s your new url?” and I’ll answer it privately. 

  8. inseptica:

    shout out to girls with harsh voices and boys with fat thighs and to people who dont like a tv show but will still watch it with a good attitude if their friend wants to watch it and shout out to people who only rarely talk to their pets in baby voices and also to people who laugh at their own jokes and people who draw angry eyebrows on billboards i love you all

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    slight anxiety at the disco

    roughly half a minute to mars

    Green +/- 24 hours

    My Chemical emotional attraction

    Most of the Time Low

    Wink 182

    You Me At (23 + 1 ÷ 4)

    Sleeping with fire truck sounds

    Fall Out Young Human Being With XY Chromosomes

    three days not a klutz


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  10. Fuck friends, I have my cat

  11. burntlikethesun:

genuine official poster for the 50th anniversary special, 100% not fake


    genuine official poster for the 50th anniversary special, 100% not fake

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  12. Fuck



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